Monthly Archives: April 2015

Wood Base Microcarpa Progress

Things are going well with this one. I’ve take quite a few cuttings over the winter months from it, so it’s not as large as it would otherwise be. [By the way, I’ve read on some forums that it’s best to take cuttings in warmer months, and my low root strike rate backs that up.]

Now that things are warming up nicely in Southern California it’s growing quickly and there’s been no die off. These pictures don’t capture much fusing; there’s at least one area where it’s happening. Since I didn’t have enough stock to line the cuttings tightly against each other I didn’t expect there to be much fusion … yet.

I will let it continue to grow over the summer and will try to root more cuttings along the way. Once I have enough–and supposing the weather is still warm–I will: 1) begin to chop some of the individual plants in order to preserve taper in the trunk, 2) remove much of the lower leaf mass from the remaining plants so I can get the the trunk ready for more rooted cuttings, 3) remove the tree from its pot and attach more cuttings (hopefully for the last time), & 4) rearrange the roots so they are as radial as possible.