Monthly Archives: July 2014

Wood Base Microcarpa

I finally had some time–and enough rooted cuttings–to get my latest “tree” underway.

As described in my December 21, 2013 post, I am using a new method this time. Instead of a wire frame and twist ties, I chose to use a wooden cone and nails. This should result in less scarring. All individual plants are cuttings from the same tree, so they are genetically identical. I attached the cone to a tile in order to develop flat roots.

I have to say–assembly was much easier and faster with this method. I used a small bit to drill pilot holes through the trunks and into the wooden cone. Nailing to the cone was then super easy. As you can see I will need more rooted cuttings to fill gaps, but it should be a breeze to add them along the way. Notice the roots have been arranged radially on the tile, so as they develop it should give pleasing nebari. I used organic soil for moisture retention, and also because it will be easier to wash away when I add more cuttings than if I had used the inorganic bonsai soil that I have on hand.

Placing this guy in the shade for a couple weeks, then it’s sun, water, and fertilizer time.