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FrankenFicus; Let There be Roots!

As you can read in my February 23, 2012 post, I’ve had good luck rooting ficus microcarpa cuttings in water.  I had placed my latest fusing project outside, though, and after a month … no roots.  The plants weren’t necessarily dying, but there weren’t really doing anything.

I figured water temperature was an issue since nightly temperatures are still in the 40s F.  I brought the bowl inside and placed it on a seedling warming mat.  Within about a week I had roots.

From February 23:

April 8:

Some observations so far, many of which I was aware of but will repeat anyway:

  • Smaller, green cuttings end up rotting.
  • Woody stems seem to work best.  I replaced a couple dead ones with new cuttings, but I need to get more to fill the tile holes.
  • Bottom heat=good.

That’s it for now.