Ficus Obliqua

Just ordered some seeds from Australia.  A native ficus, ficus obliqua (“Small-Leaved Fig”), will be my next attempt to grow ficus from seeds.

I have tried germinating ficus species before, and had pretty low germination rates.  One type that I ordered from a South African seller a few years ago labelled as “ficus nerifolia” gave me a tree with 8-inch leaves that was wholly unsuitable for bonsai.  It was one seed out of many that actually germinated, and I ended up discarding it after it reached about 5′, potted.

I ordered hundreds this time from an Australian-based eBay seller with good feedback.  Time to dust off the seed mat (heating pad) and get ready.  I would really like to build a ficus fused tree since they’re such strong growers.

Stay tuned.


6 responses to “Ficus Obliqua

  1. Hi,

    Any updates on these seeds? I too bought some off eBay, and they’re coming from Australia. I have no idea how to sprout them, so do you have anything to share? Thanks!

    • They arrived looking much better than other ficus seeds I’ve ordered online. I haven’t planted them yet, though, as I’m waiting for warmer weather here in Southern California. I’ve also been occupied working with a bunch of ficus microcarpa cuttings that I’ve taken from trees around here.

      I have planted ficus seeds before, and always had low germination rates. I think I overwatered them, and used organic mix/soil or straight peat. I will probably use sharp sand with perlite next time, and sprinkle the seeds on top.

  2. You should not have discarded the Ficus Nerifolia because they are the absolute best Ficus species for bonsai. When grown from a seed the leaves will be very large but once you get the trunk the size you want it then you cut back the trunk, it will back bud and through the next couple years via defoliation and branch ramification over time you can the leaves very tiny. I defoliate all my ficus bonsai’s twice a year. They are one of the very few trees that have huge leaves but will reduce in size to a very small fraction of the full size leaf. My nerifolia’s leaves are now 1 inch long by less than a quarter inch wide! Big mistake getting impatient and discarding that tree. They grow so fast by now you would have had a great bonsai with tiny leaves.

  3. hey there, I’m lucky I live in Australia where this species is abundant in parks/recreation areas along with port jackson and moreton bay figs. I took some cuttings of what I think is a ficus oblique judging by the leaf size bark smoothness and colour, abundance and shape of the figs. It was growing off a bottle brush tree. I only took 4 cuttings and out of the four 1 cutting has survived but still is remaining very dormant. These are a great species for bonsai I heard soaking seeds in water for a few days then planting has something to do with the chemical reactions that activate the seed. Good luck

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