What Next?

Clean Up

I need to remove a few of the dead seedlings that are wired to the frame, and clean out the leaves and debris from the top of the tree
Root Prune and a New Home
Come late winter (to the extent we have “winter” in coastal Southern California), I will pull the tree from it’s pot, trim back the roots, and either repot in a wider container or drop it in one of these raised garden beds:
My hesitation with the garden beds is they get a lot of afternoon sun and heat.  If I go this route, I’ll want to replant as early as possible so the Trident can drive some deep roots in the ground.  I used dripline irrigation in the beds for vegetables in 2011, and wasn’t satisfied with the system.  It could also be the composition of soil, but the water tended to go vertical and not wide enough.  I plan to use the dripline sprayers or some other watering method if I put trees in the beds.
And …
Then feed, feed, feed.
I’m not at all worried about branches, just raw growth.  I would like to at some point to airlayer or take cuttings of the branches that will be removed when the trunk has fused, and letting the tree grow will help in that regard, too.

One response to “What Next?

  1. Put it in the ground and provide some shade. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

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