Another Trident Experiement

Soon after my initial Trident tree project, I decided I wanted to try something a bit different.  I had read in the past about people drilling holes in tiles, and putting an appropriately sized tree or sapling in the hole so that that when the tree grows in width it essentially grows into a tourniquet air/ground layer.  The resulting roots growing from the tourniquet would grow flat because of the tile.

I decided to order some more Trident seedlings from the same supplier as before, and went to Home Depot to pick up some large tiles and a masonry bit for my power drill.

After drilling holes for an interesting-to-me trunk shape, I positioned the seedlings, wrapped the trunk with some garden tape, and planted in a clay pot:

I chose to use an akadama mix for this one, and wish I hadn’t.  The tile likely kept the roots from getting water, and because there were no organics to wick and retain the moisture, this “tree” was DOA in no time.  You can see the evidence of this project-gone-bad in my “Leaved Out” post.  It’s the crispy thing behind the healthy-looking Trident.


2 responses to “Another Trident Experiement

  1. Interesting idea. Give it another try.

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