Leaved Out

I was very glad to know  the Trident seedlings were viable once the buds broke in the Spring.
This was taken in late June 2011; I wasn’t intending to take a picture of it, but it’s the only one I seem to have of the tree from its 2011 growing season:
As you might have read elsewhere, the best way to grow thick trunks–and get rapid fusing–is to let the trees grow freely.  Absolutely no pruning occurred with the exception of my gardeners’ careless weed whacking that inadvertently cut some branches late in the year.
I was lackadaisical about feeding this tree in 2011.  I think I used an organic slow release (pellet) fertilizer twice, and some Miracle Grow a couple times.  I plan to be better about my fertilization regimen in 2012.

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